From the desk of Chris Roteff

In 2014, I founded AmeriMac – an appraisal management company that values honesty, expertise, and personalized service above everything else. AmeriMac is a portmanteau from “American” and “Macedonian” which pays tribute to my Macedonian heritage combined with the world’s greatest country that my parents immigrated to so they could utilize the opportunities it gave them.

Accelerated Business Growth Since Our Founding

AmeriMac started in my basement, with a total staff of three. The growth we have seen since the founding of AmeriMac has been purely through word-of-mouth. Using our expertise and deeply-rooted values, our staff has grown immensely with an appraiser roster of 5,000 appraisers in all 50 states. Once our clients see the accuracy of our team’s appraisals, the clear communication we exhibit, and the speed at which we turn over these appraisals, they can’t help but spread the good news.

We Offer You Unique, Attentive Customer Service

Unlike most nationwide appraisal management companies, AmeriMac offers a more personalized service to our clients with every order they place. We are eager to pick up the phone and answer questions at a moment’s notice, which is not typical of the appraisal industry. We do this because we know communication is key to our success – and yours as a lender, real estate agent, or appraiser.

Trust Built on Experience

With over 60 years of experience, AmeriMac has been trusted by bankers, mortgage brokers, and other lenders to deliver outstanding appraisal reports. We are relied upon, nationwide, to provide well-documented and high-quality appraisal services.

Each of our appraisers is hand-picked for their expertise based on their geographic location, their experience in producing quality appraisals, and their ability to do the job accurately and quickly. Moreover, all appraisal reports are subject to a 63-point checklist for compliance and completeness. If there is an issue, we find it and fix it as soon as it is discovered. All of this is how we ensure the appraisals you receive are fast, accurate, compliant, and complete.

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Chris Roteff
Chief Executive Officer
AmeriMac Appraisal Management