account executive

Andrew Elias

Andrew Elias, an account executive at AmeriMac Appraisal Management, is “the grease that keeps the wheels moving.” In his role, Andrew follows up on feedback from clients and vendors, ensures delivery timelines are met and reviews reports for accuracy before delivery. His initial interest in this field comes from his skillset in logistics and field management.

Andrew’s favorite part of his job is interacting with his team. The office at AmeriMac Appraisal Management has a fresh, energetic vibe. Andrew is driven by integrity, efficiency, and reliability. He has earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

When he’s not working, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, doing home improvements, and playing video games. He’s also an avid photographer and musician – able to play several instruments like the guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

“My clients deal with deadlines and unexpected delays that can impact their ability to close a deal on time. So I prioritize the timeline on deliveries to make sure that we are providing reports in an accurate and timely fashion.”