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Fast. Accurate. Compliant. Complete.

11 Great Reasons To Choose AmeriMac

Appraisals: Fast. Accurate. Compliant. Complete.

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We value our customers, and we answer the phone. Some companies say personal service. We actually deliver it.



You have your own account rep that handles your cases, for one point of contact with AmeriMac. No more phone tag.

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All  staffers have either been appraisers or worked for mortgage companies. We know what you need, and we make it happen.

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Every appraisal is reviewed against a 63-point checklist for completeness and compliance by someone who knows what you need from your appraisals. If something doesn't seem right, we find out why and correct it--quickly.


We know our localities and our appraisers very well. That means when we quote a price, that's the price you pay. No bait-and-switch.

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We focus on making your appraisals fast, accurate, compliant and complete. There are no surprises with AmeriMac.

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Our appraisers are hand-picked for their expertise in a given geographic location, their experience in producing quality appraisals and their ability to do the job accurately and quickly.



We have an ongoing Quality-Control program to ensure that your appraisals meet the highest standards: Yours.



In the rare instance that there's an issue, we're involved and you're informed. Anyone can be good when things go right. The key is how a company acts when things go wrong. We excel in both situations.



This business is about speed. But it doesn't have to be so fast that it loses the personal touch. We get your appraisals done on time, and keep you informed throughout.

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AmeriMac is an up-and-coming, family-owned company that wants your business. We're happy to earn it. Every single time.

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